How do I export items from the list?

  1. Tap the button, and then tap the Send option

  2. Next on the Export Options screen you have these options:

    • Title: the title will be included in the report and will also be the subject of the email message

    • Text Size: this option allows you to make the text larger or smaller in the exported report, this does not affect the text size in the CSV file.

    • Output: this option allows you to choose the layout of the output and if you want single or multiple files

    • Sum Number Fields: this option allows you to enable the summing of all numeric fields based on the grouping of the items

    • Filename: the name of the output file

    • Summary Filename: the name of tabular summary file (if enabled)

    • Include CSV: includes tabular summary in a CSV file

    • Include PDF: includes PDF files (if enabled)

    • Portrait Orientation: determines if the PDF is generated in portrait or landscape orientation

    • PDF Password: add an extra layer of security by password protecting the all PDF files.

      Passwords can only be added to the PDF files; all other file will not required a password to open. If you need to secure your output then you should turn off the include csv option because the csv will not require a password to open.

  3. Tap the "Continue" button

    Then choose how you want to export your items

    AirPrinting PDF

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