How do I filter the items?

The Filter page lists the fields you have enabled, to access filtering tap the button then tap the Filter option

  • The Date field section allows you to filter by providing a start and/or through date.


    You can choose a date range shortcut which will automatically calculate and display the start and through date based on the current date. The list includes a Date Is Missing and Date Is Not Missing shortcut if needed.

    NOTE: Editing the start and/or through date manually will disable the automatic calculation of the date range.

  • The other fields allow you to select from the list of existing items.

  • If you want to clear all existing filters, tap the "Show All" button in the upper right corner of the "Filter" page:

    To clear just the start and through dates, tap the "Show All" row in the Date field section.

    To clear the existing filter for a single column, tap that row then on the next page tap the "Show All" button.

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