How do I filter the items?

The Filter page lists the fields you have enabled, to access filtering:
  1. Click the Filter button below the list of items:

  2. The Date field allows you to filter by providing a start and/or through date.

    You can provide a start and/or through date.

    To update the start or through date, be sure to click the set button:


    You can choose a date range shortcut which will automatically calculate and display the start and through date based on the current date. The list includes a Date Is Missing and Date Is Not Missing shortcut if needed.

    NOTE: Editing the start and/or through date manually will disable the automatic calculation of the date range.

  3. The others allow you to select from the list of existing items.

  4. If you want to clear all existing filters, click the Show All button at the top of the page:

    To clear just the start and through dates, click the Show All button at the bottom of the Date section.

    To clear the existing filter for a single column, click the X button to the right.

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