How do I access the backed up reports using iTunes File Sharing?

  1. Connect your device to your Mac/PC

  2. Once iTunes recognizes your device, select the device from the list

  3. Next click the “Apps” tab and scroll down until you see “File Sharing”

  4. Select the “Organize, Send” from the “Apps” list

  5. In the "Organize, Send Documents" list select all "csv" and "pdf" files

  6. Then press the "Save to.." button to save it to your computer

What quick actions are available?

Quick Actions let you do the things you do most often faster and in fewer steps. You can add a new item with or without a photo. Or you can start sending your items right from the Home screen.

Can I Peek and Pop my items?

Yes, you can preview your items or even delete it without having to actually open it. With a light press you can Peek at each item. Then when you want to open one, press a little deeper to Pop into it or swipe up to see the delete option.

Peek and Pop is available through out the app for example:

Peek and Pop available Add-Ons

Peek and Pop Help Items

Peek and Pop while filtering

How do I access the list of available add-ons?

Tap the button, then tap the Add-Ons option. Once the store loads, it will be divided into several sections:

  1. Bundles: this section shows you items that have been grouped into a single purchase.

  2. Single Items: this section shows you individual items that are available for purchase.

  3. Purchase History: this section shows your purchase history.

  4. Transactions: this section allows you to restore your previous purchases.